Inspiration #15 Mr.Ake 20 kg Weight loss – Proof of effective & Healthy routine


PlanforFit: Can you introduce yourself?

Mr.Ake: My name is Nattkit Pakornlert u-dom


PlanforFit: How old are you and what do you do for a living?

Mr.Ake: I’m a 29 year-old grad student studying community psychology in the faculty of Social Science, a math and physics tutor and a dance teaching assistant.


PlanforFit: What’s your height and current weight?

Mr.Ake: I’m 176 cm (5.8 ft) tall and weigh 63.5 kg (140 lb).


PlanforFit: How did you start doing weight training? How long have you been doing it?

Mr.Ake: Since I started to take really good care of myself, following the healthy and reasonable plan, I have lost 20 kg, and my fat percentage reduced from over 20 to 4. I have never thought I could do that. I was surprised to see my muscle becoming more prominent.





PlanforFit: Since the first day you decided to change yourself till now, how has your body changed and how long has it been?

Mr.Ake: I have been weight training for so long. I think it’s been around 10 years but in the past, I did not know the proper way of doing weight training so I did what my trainer or my friends told me. I basically ate and did whatever they recommended me. I have just been really into it during the last 6-7 months.


Mr.Ake: My previous goal was to have a toned body with noticeable muscle just like models’. I tried so many methods to get there namely eating a whole lot of carbs and meat, taking protein supplement to build muscle, going to all you can eat restaurant to have loads of meat every week, and etc. I knew nothing about losing weight or building muscle so I just did what people told me and believed them when they claimed ‘It is said…..’. I eventually became fat but I was in denial. I kept telling myself I looked huge because of all the muscles. That was how I stood tall and walked in the gym like I owned the place but when seeing myself in the mirror, I started to wonder if I had muscles at all.


Mr.Ake: People around me started to question how come I became so fat. Even my little sister would pinch my belly and said ‘chubby’. At the moment, I asked myself I had been trying to build muscles but why I ended up having fat instead. Fortunately, I didn’t give up. I thought everything through and tried to find the best way to lose weight. Before going on diet, I told myself “I cannot let myself get any bigger!”


Mr.Ake: I was so ready to take PlanforFit’s approach and science-based information and throw all old believes out of the window. I also educated myself focusing on all basic knowledge. I was patient and determined and my body finally transformed. I looked so much better people started treating me differently and bullies stopped teasing me. I am proud when I look in the mirror and see my achievement. I even caught someone gazing at me. If you ask me why I decided to change myself and how could I keep holding on, I can answer without thinking ‘it’s because of my clear and ambitious goal.’


PlanforFit: What do you get out of weight training?

Mr.Ake: My posture both while standing and walking has improved. I’ve become so much more active and leaner people started to notice and complimented me “what did you do? You look a lot smarter than before.”


PlanforFit: What is your current diet plan?

Mr.Ake: I am currently on Flexible Diet plan which allows me to eat anything I want as long as I have all recommended nutrition in the right amount. The diet plan works great for me so far. I watch what I eat but can still enjoy eating.

Now, I don’t take any weight lost supplements.





PlanforFit: What is your current workout routine?

Mr.Ake: I do weight training 4 days a week, focusing on different large muscles each day. I work on my chest and biceps on the first day, my back on the second day, my shoulders and triceps on the third day and my legs on the last day. I train my core muscle every other day and do 40-60 minutes of treadmill running on steep inclines after weight training.




PlanforFit: Please say something to those who want to do weight training or already did and feel like giving up. How can you keep yourself motivated?

Mr.Ake: I would like to suggest all beginners do research on every aspect, including positions and repetitions, before beginning and start from the basics. You may ask experts or trainers in fitness club for information if you want. More importantly, please do not rush to use shortcuts or cheat ways since there’s a possibility you end up with muscle injuries.

For those who are dishearten, please take a step back, relax and ask yourself ‘How can I come this far? What is my initial goal?’ I have been through it all. I was dispirited, upset and felt like giving up but when thinking of the goal I set on the very first day I did weight training, I automatically got motivated. It is important that you push yourself through both good and bad experiences and learn from them. Finally, do not think you can’t do it. Just give it your all and achieve you goal!




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Last modified: May 10, 2019